Alleged hackers reportedly breach defunct Crypto ATM company Coin Cloud, exposing user data

Alleged hackers reportedly breach defunct Crypto ATM company Coin Cloud, exposing user data

In a startling revelation, an anonymous hacking group has purportedly seized the personal data of approximately 300,000 individuals associated with Coin Cloud, a now-defunct Bitcoin ATM company operating in the United States and Brazil. The audacious claim surfaced on the cybersecurity platform Vx-underground, where the hackers boasted about their exploit.

Beyond mere personal details, the hacking collective alleges possession of 70,000 instances of customer selfie verification data. Among the pilfered information are reportedly sensitive details including occupations, physical addresses, and social security numbers. The breach, as asserted by Vx-underground, extends its reach to encompass both U.S. residents and users hailing from Brazil.

Adding to the severity of the situation, the hackers assert that they have successfully infiltrated Coin Cloud’s backend infrastructure, obtaining access to the coveted source code. As of the latest update, Coin Cloud has yet to issue an official statement addressing the alleged breach.

This revelation unfolds against the backdrop of Coin Cloud’s recent financial turbulence. The cryptocurrency ATM operator had filed for Chapter 11 reorganization earlier in the year, marking a significant downturn.

On February 8, Coin Cloud’s CEO and president, Chris McAlary, announced the company’s decision to file for bankruptcy, citing the need to restructure its debt and safeguard the interests of creditors. A preliminary filing on February 7 unveiled the extent of Coin Cloud’s financial woes, with liabilities ranging between $100 million and $500 million, while assets were reported to be in the range of $50 million to $100 million. The confluence of the bankruptcy filing and the alleged data breach paints a grim picture for Coin Cloud and its erstwhile users.

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