Arrested on Air: BitBoy’s Lamborghini dispute takes a shocking turn

Arrested on Air: BitBoy's Lamborghini dispute takes a shocking turn

Crypto influencer Ben “BitBoy” Armstrong found himself in hot water as he allegedly got arrested during a live stream outside the residence of Carlos Diaz, a former business partner accused of possessing Armstrong’s Lamborghini.

The dramatic incident unfolded on YouTube, where Armstrong had hinted about going live from a “very special location.” He then appeared outside Carlos Diaz’s house, accusing him of wanting to harm him and alleging connections to the Houston mafia.

About 19 minutes into the live stream, local police arrived on the scene, asking Armstrong if he had a weapon, to which he responded negatively. They subsequently instructed him to put down his phone, causing the stream to go dark for the next 17 minutes. However, audio still captured the conversation between Armstrong and the police officers.

Records from the Gwinnett County, Georgia, Sheriff’s Office revealed that Benjamin Charles Armstrong was booked on September 25, remaining in custody.

Carlos Diaz confirmed Armstrong’s visit to his house on September 26. Crypto community members had mixed reactions, with some celebrating what they saw as “karma” finally catching up to Armstrong.

This incident follows the severed ties between Hit Network and Ben Armstrong in late August, citing concerns related to substance abuse and financial harm to employees. Legal disputes have since arisen and subsided, and Armstrong even solicited donations on September 20 to support his legal battles, causing controversy within the crypto space.

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