Bitcoin inscription got updated, allowing games on-chain

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Cryptocurrencies and development in the related fields are playing a crucial and pivotal role in increasing the sphere of influence of cryptocurrencies and using them in other fields such as gaming and recreation apart from payment settlement systems.

Amid these new inventions, Bitcoin Inscription created new hype in recent months. The recent update of Recursive inscriptions will provide new scope and space for the enhancement and use of cryptocurrencies. As highlighted in one of the concerned tweets the upgrade will allow Inscriptions to “indirectly” break the 4 MB block space limit. Luxor’s Charlie Spears tweeted that the mastermind behind Ordinal’s Casey Rodarmor “just merged Recursion. Now the real fun begins.” The idea is similar to BRC721. Although the size of each inscription does not exceed 4 MB, the combined inscription can break that limit now.

Earlier this year, the Ordinals protocol introduced the ability to fully inscribe any file on the chain if it was smaller than 4MB. Another limitation was that different inscriptions did not know about each other and could not reference each other. With the introduction of Recursive Inscription, this will change. As summarized by a prominent Ordinals member known on Twitter as “Leonidas. og”, inscriptions will now be able to use a special syntax to request the contents of other inscriptions.

Moreover, in addition to the existing JPGs, 3D art could now find its way onto the blockchain. “But we can think even bigger,” writes Leonidas, who sees another new use case in uploading code packages for complex applications. OrdinalHub tweets that the BTC Core client, for example, could be stored on the blockchain. Bitcoin Core is around 15 MB in size and was therefore previously too large due to the block size limit.

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