Bitcoin turns 13, attains a new all-time high hash rate

Bitcoin turns 13, attains a new all-time high hash rate

The Bitcoin network went through a six-drawn out assembly to achieve another unsurpassed high hash rate of 207.53 exahashes each second on Saturday.

Monday denotes the thirteenth year since Bitcoin’s maker, Satoshi Nakamoto, mined the genesis block, or square 0, of the Bitcoin organization and, interestingly, mined a prize of 50 Bitcoin (BTC) back on Jan. 3, 2009. Quick forward to 2022, the Bitcoin network gives no indications of dialing back, arriving at another unsurpassed high hash pace of 207.53 exahashes each second (EH/s).

The Bitcoin hash rate, which associates to the strength of the organization dependent on the quantity of dynamic diggers, saw a transitory destruction later China restricted residents and organizations from seeking after crypto mining and exchanging exercises. As an immediate aftereffect of China’s sweeping restriction on crypto causing an unexpected deficiency of excavators, the Bitcoin hash rate tumbled to 58.46 EH/s.

As proven by the above chart, Bitcoin’s hash rate considered a possible rebound to be Chinese excavators started moving to agreeable purviews. On Saturday, the Bitcoin network recorded another untouched high of 207.53 EH/s, recovering the organization’s security by expanding the mining trouble.

At the hour of composing, the Bitcoin network hash rate remains at 190.64 EH/s, down 8.14% from its untouched high.

BTC property of private organizations fundamentally expanded last year, as uncovered by on-chain expert Willy Woo.

A Cointelegraph report on the matter features that buys made by Michael Saylor’s MicroStrategy surpassed $6 billion in crypto resources. In December alone, the firm bought a further 1,914 BTC, worth $94 million.

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