Man Arrested In Russia For Alleged Attempt To Send Cryptocurrency To Ukraine

It has been more than a year of the Russia-Ukraine war and this has led to the division of the world into two halves one backing Russia while another backing Ukraine. Since the United States and other European countries applied sanctions on Russia, allowing the establishment of a new war zone.

Amid this, A citizen in Russia was arrested for allegedly sending crypto to Ukraine’s armed forces and therefore is facing treason charges. According to the Russian news agency Tass, they have reported that the citizen is a resident of the Far Eastern territory of Khabarovsk Krai, which is located along the Pacific Ocean and across the sea from Japan.

A spokesperson from the FSB’s Center for Public Relations said, “A resident of theSovetsko-Gavansky District of Khabarovsk Krai was intercepted committing illegal actions. The individual was involved in committing treason in the form of financial assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in its actions directed against the security of the Russian Federation.”

Several members of the FSB, Russia’s secret service, were on hand to arrest the citizen and they will now be detained while awaiting the outcome of the charges. The offence includes sending tokens to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The detainment of the citizen followed a host of new regulations introduced by the Russian authorities which include a raft of punishments for those convicted of supporting Ukraine’s war efforts. These regulations were brought into effect in April of 2023 and have very severe punishments. In ordinary circumstances, under Article 275 of the Russian Criminal Code, a citizen in Russia convicted of treason can be jailed for a period of between 12 and 20 years.

However, with the updates, anybody committing treason in support of Ukraine can be imprisoned for life. The FSB said that the organization was trying to raise money for “the acquisition of unmanned thermal imaging sights, aircraft, ammunition, and medical uniforms by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.”

The FSB’s Investigation Department said it had “initiated a criminal case” against the individual.
Other investigative procedures into the matter are ongoing, the FSB added. Ukraine’s government has been calling for international crypto holders to contribute to its war effort by setting up initiatives such as the Crypto Fund.

Digital tools have significantly influenced the war in Ukraine. The conflict is one of the most well-documented military campaigns in history and marks the first major cyberwar between two countries. Crypto has also played a prominent role in the war.

Today, as the conflict enters its second year, over $212 million worth of crypto has been donated to pro-Ukrainian war efforts, according to Elliptic, a blockchain analytics firm. This includes roughly $80 million worth of crypto going directly to the Ukrainian government.

Crypto funds have been used to support a variety of war efforts, according to Ukrainian officials and government fundraising sites. Purchases range from bulletproof vests and helmets to demining equipment and drones. Other crypto donations have been spent on support materials like medical supplies and radios.

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